Traffic Stop - Part Three

Jequirity's crew were faced with a problem: not only was Riley trapped on Harmony of Truth, but so was their ticket out of this, Officer "Baby Spice" Webb. While Marc distracted Bahmani, Val headed onto Jequirity and into her dogfighter. Jequirity tried to block Harmony in, while Riley determined that she could set off Harmony's explosives, but the only way to be certain would be to do it in person. Val fired a couple potshots at Harmony and Jequirity attacked her systems. They threw Harmony's navigation system out of whack, just as she spun up her Alcubierre drive and jumped away. She came out in a random area of space, halfway across the solar system from her target, Windfall. Quickly, Jequirity analyzed Harmony's course and followed her, jumping back into real space extremely close.

Riley and Jequirity agreed to leave Jequirity's drone on Harmony, to sacrifice itself blowing up the ship. Riley grabbed Webb, and headed for the airlock. Wearing their variform helmets and magboots with maneuvering thrusters, the two could jet themselves far enough away from Harmony to avoid the explosion, and hopefully, get picked up by Jequirity before they froze to death or exploded.  Val did some overly-fancy flying and picked the two of them up, clinging to the outside of her dogfighter. She dropped them off in Jequirity's airlock just in time to see Harmony explode into a thousand pieces.

The crew returned to the police's impromptu canteen, to find Marc still stalling Bahmani. Seeing his friends safe and with Webb, he abruptly stopped his artificial tirade. Webb told the crew to stay in the system, because they were "persons of interest"—but no longer suspects. "Baby Spice" and "?? Spice" took Bright and Breen into custody, and the crew was able to relax.

Knowing Jequirity needed to replace her drone, and angry at Marc's unwillingness to help her, Riley tried and failed to hack into Marc's bank account. She digitally "tagged" his account with a large, uncomfortably correct penis, then helped Jequirity purchase parts to make a new drone—this time in turquoise! Meanwhile, Val went to get drunk, and completely misinterpreted the intentions of an Ora Invictus terrorist—Orlan—attempting to threaten her. He left her with a kiss on her hand, which is surely never going to come up again….

Riley decided to focus her efforts on her technical ability instead of her book learning—and decided to actually study some hacking; Val worked on her network of drunks and pilots; Jequirity started to relearn some of what she knew before, both book learning and how to deceive humans.


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