The Human Commonality is a utopia. Thanks to anagathic treatments, their citizens are effectively immortal; the makepoint can replicate any item in its databanks; the Mindscape connects everyone and makes all knowledge accessible; Alcubierre drives make faster-than-light travel a reality, creating a true interstellar civilization. Mindjammers, sentient starships equipped with transmitters and enormous data drives, ferry information from system to system to make sure everyone is up-to-date.

However, things are different on the Fringe Worlds. Resources are limited; technology is usually broken or out-of-date; the Mindscape is unreliable, and Mindjammers come seldom if at all. People wanting to communicate with other star systems have to turn to less official channels: private delivery services and smugglers, ready to transport both data and goods. Pirates range the spacelanes, who might board the postal ship or simply copy its hard drive from a distance—oftentimes, information is more valuable than objects. Few choose the courier lifestyle unless they have no other options—their ranks are made up of the disgraced, the oddballs, the incompetent. They face pirates, Commonality law enforcement, distrustful clients and environmental hazards, for pay that just barely covers food and maintenance. And yet, they make sure the mail gets there on time — traveling Posthaste.


Our campaign centers around a courier crew filled with rejects and misfits.

  • Val (Mindy), a formerly great pilot, now a disgraced drunkard.
  • Riley (Jenna), a bioship technician and medico who routinely reaches beyond her competency.
  • XXX (Mark), a disbarred attorney who leverages his old contacts and bureaucratic expertise into often-criminal enterprises.
  • and their ship itself, Jequirity (Amanda), a former Mindjammer who lost her connection to the Mindscape — and with it, her job and most of her knowledge.

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